Why Derbyshire?

Derbyshire is the location of choice for a number of world class international businesses. As a result, high standards, a highly skilled workforce and quality clusters have developed.

Rolls Royce aeroplane engine

Global giants including Rolls Royce, Toyota, Nestle and JCB demonstrate the calibre of companies that have already made major investments in Derbyshire.

The county's central location, combined with unrivalled motorway, rail and airport access makes it one of the most attractive investment propositions in the UK. Nine million people reside within 20 miles of its boundary and 80% of the population live within four hours drive. Four major airports are within easy reach, the closest of which is Nottingham East Midlands − the second largest air freight hub in the country after Heathrow.

Derbyshire has access to a wealth of opportunity with five major cities surrounding the county: 

  • Manchester to the west
  • Sheffield to the north
  • Nottingham to the east
  • Leicester and Birmingham to the south.

Access to these cities brings major benefits to businesses based in Derbyshire, through markets, skills and talent, supply chains and customers.

Derbyshire is home to the breathtaking scenery of the world-famous Peak District National Park. There is an excellent quality of life on offer to people locating in Derbyshire whether it is for easy access to city life or for a rural retreat.

Prime areas for investment

Not only does Derbyshire have the sites and infrastructure to support significant inward investment it also has the added benefits of a geographical position at the centre of England, and a quality of lifestyle, with reasonable living costs.

The City of Derby's industrial history was based on its strengths in engineering skills, being both home to Rolls Royce and a major railway town. More recent investments, notably by Toyota and its first tier suppliers in South Derbyshire, have served to strengthen the areas links with transport technologies. No other city in the UK has such a unique and rich combination of household name transport engineering companies and their supply chains. 

Opportunities are not confined to traditional areas, however, as research and development carried out in partnership with local universities and colleges has not only developed the cutting edge technologies applicable to new generation vehicles and power plants, but has also resulted in spin offs in what might be regarded as distinctly non traditional areas. Derby has become a centre for computer gaming excellence, where iconic electronic heroes have been born, and is helping to lead in the development of alternative energy sources and generation.

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